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Stainless Steel Fitting & Flanges:

Fittings and Flanges are used to connect piping systems together and are available in many styles and grades suitable for varied service conditions. Fittings and Flanges are connected with stud bolts, machine bolts, by threading or welding the fitting or flange to a pipe, valve or piece of equipment. Fittings and flanges are an ideal solution for most applications across the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. Carbon steel flanges and fittings come in a variety of styles, pressure ratings and schedules.

Types: Buttweld, Cast, Forged, Outlet, Pipe and Swaged Nipples, Sweat Fittings, Tube Fittings

Carbon Steel Fittings and Flanges:

Manufacturers (Stainless Steel Fittings)

Manufacturers (Stainless Steel Flanges)

Wilhelm Maass, Wilhelm Geldbach, Ulma, Melesi, Metalfar, Galperti SRL, La Meccanica Padana, Korea Forgings Co, KOFFCO

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