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Compressors and Blowers:

Radial Compressors:

Impellers or Rotors

Impellers or Rotors:

Our radial transmission compressors include single- and multi-stage

process gas compressors, process air compressors and mechanical vapour compressors. 


In the integral version the impeller is directly mounted on the high-speed shaft. Alternative versions are fitted with intermediate bearings.


FIMA is the acknowledged world market leader in low-volume radial compressors. This type of compressor is frequently implemented in chemical processing plants or refineries to return some of the flue gas to the process.


Standards enhance the safety of industrial operations, assure quality, minimize costs and reduce waste. For these reasons FIMA Maschinenbau GmbH also follows the German, European and American standards.

FIMA possesses long-standing expertise in the production of heavy-duty impellers made from all types of steel and alloys. In-house specialists test the quality of the processed metals as well as those at all stages of production. FIMA impellers are continuously improved in the company’s own R&D department, using for instance, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).

Hermetically Encapsulated Blowers and Compressors:

HETICO - Hermetic Tight Compressor on this version the impeller and motor are combined in a single casing to avoid the necessity of dynamically stressed gaskets between the processing area and surroundings.

MACOUCO - Magnetic Coupling Compressor in comparison to conventional machines, the MACOUCO version offers a high level of environmental friendliness thanks to the design principle on which the magnetic coupling is based.

Process Engineering:

In Suspension Dryer FSD both process stages of solid/liquid separation and drying can be accomplished in one piece of process machinery. In order to dry products still damp from the centrifuging stage, Suspension Dryer FSD is always used and run in combination with a drying gas loop. Depending on the size and application between 150 kg/h and 3.500 kg/h of hot gas flows through the FSD. 

A gas supply system was specially developed for the FSD 400 and FSD 600 models that includes all components required for universal operation in a pre-assembled frame.

Radial Blowers:

FIMA radial blowers are characterised by their rugged design (heavy duty industrial version) and endurance. We offer customised solutions in pressure-resistant, gas- and corrosion-proof designs for the majority of applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries.  

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