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Valve Automation

Electric Actuators:

Fluid Power Actuators:

Electric actuators are typically used in the upstream, midstream, downstream and waste water applications and use a low or high voltage, electrical input to open or close all types of valves. 

Types: Fail Safe, Modulating, On-Off

Manual Actuators:

Manual actuators are commonly used across all industry sectors and are typically utilized on large valves to assist in opening and closing of the valve. Manual actuators are, as their name implies, powered manually by the operator but allow the valve to be opened and closed with much less force than would typically be required. This decrease in required force creates safe work environment when operators need to open or close a large diameter valve.

Types: Spring Return Handles, Gear Operators, Valve Indicators and Switches

Fluid powered actuators utilize hydraulic fluid to operate the actuator and can be either self-contained or gas assisted. Fluid power actuators are typically used in upstream and midstream applications in safety critical situations on very large diameter valves when there is limited or no air supply. A key feature of these valve automation products is that fluid power actuators can have a built-in energy source allowing the valve to be closed completely if power is lost as an added safety measure. In other applications if a hydraulic power unit is available, the size of the actuator compared to a pneumatic actuator will be downsized by a factor of roughly half.

Types: Electro Hydraulic, High Pressure Gas, Piston, Rack & Pinion, Scotch Yoke, Spring Diaphragm, Vane, Water Hydraulic

Limit Switches:

A limit switch is a valve automation accessory. They can be used with various types of actuators to remotely identify whether a valve is open or closed. The limit switch is mounted on the actuator and communicates electronically with the facility’s process control system. Limit switches can help identify problems in the valve automation system before potentially dangerous and costly accidents occur.

Types: Mechanical and Proximity Type


Positioners are a valve automation accessory designed to control the position of the valve. Positioners allow the operator to remotely open or close an automated valve by varying degrees using either a pneumatic or electrical signal. 

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